Handmade African Kisii Soapstone 30cm Bowl - Turtles

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Handmade Soapstone  Bowl


Diameter: Approximately 30cm
Height: Approximately 5cm tall
Depth: Approximately 4cm

Material: Soapstone

Handmade African Kisii Soapstone 30cm Bowl - Turtles

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  • Handmade African Kisii Soapstone 30cm Bowl - Turtles


For sale is a hand carved soapstone Bowl from Kenya/ Africa. We have many African Handmade Bowls in stock in various colours and designs, these are unique and no 2 are the same. The pictures in the listing are just to give you an idea of what the sets look like. The bowl that you will get will be the same colour and design but might look slightly different from the one in the picture because they are handmade. Due to the kind of items we sell, we don't claim that they are perfect, that is why they are unique.

Most soapstone originates in the region of Kisii. Naturally occurring soapstone is a calcium carbonate, which is relatively soft stone. Over many generations the people of Kisii have learned to carve beautiful artefacts from the stone. Some are hand painted while others are left natural

The soapstone must first be mined by hand in the local, open mines. Machinery is not used in this mining process and as a result, it can be a dangerous job - particularly in the rainy season. The stone is removed using hand-held picks and the rocks are cut into smaller sizes using a saw. Then, the soapstone is carved using a hammer and a chisel. Sometimes a knife is employed at different stages of carving to produce a rough outline. The stone is then placed in water and sandpaper is used to smooth the chiselled stone. This is a long process as different grades of sandpaper are used until there are no chisel marks and the stone is completely smooth. Women often do the sanding. The stone is hand painted, often using a sponge to mix colours Once the paint has dried, designs are hand-etched into the stone using a knife and a very steady hand--as no outline is drawn--revealing white soapstone underneath.


Diameter: Approximately 30cm
Height: Approximately 5cm tall
Depth: Approximately 4cm

Material: Soapstone

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